5 Ways to Get Over That Case of The Mondays

After a long week of work and home life I know how short the weekend can feel. I try my best not to dread Monday’s and the work week ahead of me on Sunday but it’s hard not to when you never know what curve balls can be thrown at you during the week. I have been reading a lot about how others prep for their week or even just for their next day. I want to share what I have read and what I personally do to cure my case of the Monday’s.

1Tidy up your house

Every week I make a list of chores that need to be done. I am a clean-as-you-go type so I try to tidy up my house a bit everyday, picking up clothes and dog toys, putting away cords, wiping down counters, dusting, just small things. If it’s been a busy week I save bigger tasks like vacuuming, laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and mopping floors for the weekend. These tasks get put on a list and assigned to a member of the household. If I have time to do these chores during the week I will to have my weekend free but it all depends on the week so making an overall list and plan for the day is key.

2Make lists

Lists help me function on a daily basis because there is usually so much going on I need to keep track of what needs to be done and when. I always put important tasks at the start of the day and make the rest of my list in order of importance. My work list is attached to my email separated by importance and groups of what the task pertains (website, graphics, blog, newsletter, etc.) and I write what needs to be done and when they need to be done by in my planner. I also make written lists for personal errands, groceries and my chore list then copy them to my phone and share as necessary. I like having the portability and shareability of my calendar and lists being on my phone, but writing things down and being able to physically see them on a calendar helps me remember and plan better. Trial and error is how I found out that this is the method that works best for me. So I would try different things to find what works for you.

3Plan what you can control

Buying a good planner is step one to planning your week. It is good to plan anything you can control, even if you veer from the plan sometimes, it is good to have one. Knowing what you have to do and strategizing the best way to get everything done by grouping like tasks on to-do lists and setting aside time to get everything done cuts down on having to think too hard about what is next when your brain is already fried. Take your free time that you are spending looking at sparkly things on Pinterest and look for dinner recipes to plan your meals for the week. Take a few minutes while having your morning coffee to plan what you will get done at work, if you can run an errand on your work break, set aside time for the gym, or plan to do one chore when you get home. Most likely if plan to do it at a certain time, you WILL do it.

4Know when to move tasks

The unexpected happens a lot. You can start feeling ill, an emergency may happen, a surprise meeting or having to work late, even though I like to try to be prepared for as much as possible you can’t plan everything. There are only so many hours in the day so it is ok if you don’t get everything done. It is important to know what tasks you can bump to the next day or later in the week. I personally make long lists for myself daily and as the day dwindles down realize that I have less time than I thought. I have learned to not make my to-do list permanent on a day in my planner, I use stickes instead. Don’t be afriad to not get some things done.

5Plan good things

I know too often stress consumes my day, no matter what the cause, and it helps to have something to look forward to. I am all about getting things done but you can’t just plan to do chores and errands all weekend or even with every moment of free time you have. Plan to watch a favorite TV show, have a good meal, see a movie out or at home, or even have a simple glass of your favorite wine. Plan little things for yourself throughout the weekend and work-week, they do not have to cost anything, just make time for yourself and your loved ones to relax and rejuvenate before taking on a new day or new week! DONT FORGET TO WRITE THESE THINGS DOWN. Sometimes your brain needs a reminder from your planner to take a breather, remember is you plan it you will most likely follow through.

These are a few things that I try to incorporate in my life in order to prepare myself for the week ahead. Below there are posts where my inspiration came from. I Also am working on a post for the more tech-oriented schedulers for great organizing apps.

Here are some blog posts that will help you organize and make lists…

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