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The work world as we know it is changing. I believe it it thanks to millennials and their innovative minds and value of equal work-life balance. Either way employers who don’t get the program I doubt will succeed.


Times are changing.

This is a great article for all employers and employees to read and accept. Millennials are smarter than they are given credit for.



Lady millennials FREE YOURSELF!! More millennial women are ditching the traditional bra for fun, fashion, and pure  freedom.  Read all about it here.
–Props to Desert Sun for writing a great article.


One day, listening to Criminal, an awesome true crime podcast (I am obsessed with podcasts), I heard an add for another podcast named Millennial. I consume podcasts so fast I am always up for an addition to my collection, so I decided to give it a listen. When I listened to the very first episode I was hooked. I begin to binge listen and I realized it was like listening to my inner thoughts through another person’s voice. It also made me realize that I am not alone in how I feel in my 20’s.

No one has to tell anyone that is or has been in their 20’s that being in your 20’s is hard. whether you went to college or not, when you hit 20 the world makes you feel like you need to have it all figured out and if you don’t you’re screwed. *tick tock tick tock*

My whole senior year of college and past graduation day the only thing I felt people were concerned about is “What are you plans after graduation?” I was asked this questions so much I eventually just started to make up answers that were just entertaining for me to see their reaction to. Then when I lay in bed at night I ask myself the same question and not having a concrete answer actually started to freak me out. I felt like I had been a student for so long and there were so many subjects and things that I enjoyed, I had no idea what I really wanted to do. Not to mention everything I really loved doing I was always told “that isn’t a profession..” “You won’t make a comfortable living off of that…” “That’s more of a hobby…” Talk about support.

After graduation, with my very broad communications degree, applying for jobs was tougher than anticipated. Statistics were not on my side I thought at least out of some of the great places I applied to one would call for an interview…..or not. The latter was more of the case. That is when I begin to feel it wasn’t enough that I I spent four years attending classes, writing papers, taking 100+ question finals, working internships and my waitress job at the same time,  making relationships with professors and clubs and students instead of sleeping in and partying more, had I been told it wouldn’t have mattered in the end. Companies wanted a stacked resume, references, a cover letter, and years of experience for an entry level job.

When did this insanity start?

When I finally landed something I had to move out of my current city to live with my boyfriend (now my fiance) and his mom for a paid internship/consulting job of sorts that had no benefits, minimal pay, and after a year of busting my chops ended up leading to NO full time job. I ended up doing a little free lancing to end up consulting through a temp agency after moving across the country. A job, is a job I understand and I am lucky to keep finding them and making my way through the world on my own wit (cue sarcasm). I just want to understand how getting even the most simple of job positions became so….complicated. How exactly am I supposed to “get my foot in the door” if even my highest of contacts can’t get me an interview because there ARE NO JOBS.

My generation is the largest generation to be with out work, moving back in with their parents, up to the tips of their hair in student loan debt, treading water just to stay afloat (whatever “staying afloat” means anymore in this economy) and, maybe even the most educated. Even with master degrees most Millennials don’t even feel like they can get their feet planted on the ground and people want them to have some amazing 5 step plan to being this great successful person.

Whether you are a mason jar sipping, vegan makeup wearing, vintage everything buying, hipster millennial or not the Millennial podcast is a great listen. Definitely one I wish had been created just a year earlier than it was for me to listen to when I graduated college in 2014. But as they say better late than never.

Check out all the platforms where you can listen to Millennial by Megan Tan on millennialpodcast.org.


Twitter Marketing 

This is a great little article that breaks down marketing on Twitter. Any business that wants or has a social media presence should read this. 

Read now!

The Age Of The Virtual Garage Sale

We all wish we could have a little extra money in our pockets. Now a days the internet provides so many ways for you to buy and sell so many different items from all over. The e-commerce business is booming and I wanted in; so, I have been taking advantage of modern technology and selling a few things while spring cleaning. Once a year, I go through my closet to see if there is anything that I can’t fit or simply have not worn as much as I thought I would. Then I have what I like to call a “virtual garage sale”.

There are so many places to post items for sale, Craig’s List, FaceBook, Ebay, Etsy  and Varage Sale (the original virtual garage sale), to name a few. But recently there have been a series of apps like Wallapop, Let Go, and Offer Up, that allow you to sell stuff in your area with a quick snap of a picture and a few snippets of information. Thus the age of the Virtual Garage Sale progresses. I have to say I was skeptical at first when I signed up for all three apps; but I have sold more items for better profit on these apps than I have on Ebay or Craig’s List. There is absolutely no middle man that you have to cut in. These apps are simply social selling apps that provide a platform for people who want to buy and sell in their area, like craigslist but a mobile app.

Now lets get down to reality. There will be people who want to scam you but when you sign up you are warned what to look for when you feel like you are being scammed. For example, you should only communicate through the apps messaging system DO NOT email someone when they request you too, it’s a scam to get your information. If you are meeting with someone meet during the day or, in well lit and high populated areas, take some one with you, or let a friend know where you’re going and use the “find my friends” app (iPhone only, sorry droids) to share your location with them. Bottom line, BE SMART! If it sounds too good to be true it probably is and you should use your common sense to make sure you are working with serious buyers and sellers.

I love the fact I do not have to share my profits with anyone and the overall exposure my items get on these apps. I am not sure if it’s because these apps are better than Ebay or Craig’s List or if they are simply the “in” thing right now. Either way, I would jump on the bandwagon fast and sell, sell, sell while these apps are hot; so get to decluttering my little organizers. Make sure to check out a few things I have for sale on Wallapop I have some great items posted (same items are for sale on Let Go and Offer Up).

New Dashboards!

I have been working pretty hard to create some printable dashboards for planners and I AM FINALLY DONE! I love adding a little spice to my planner, and nothing says fun like bright colors and festive themed dashboards to keep a snapshot of your month in clear view. Great for organizing your goals, important events, birthdays, and just what you are grateful for. You can check out my dashboards in the Neat Nation Store on Etsy.

Happy Organizing.

Top 5 Wedding Planners

I have recently started the daunting task of planning my wedding. There are so many pieces and details in a wedding small or large and I had no clue where to start. I decided that step one for me was finding a great planner, something that would help guide me and not let me forget a single detail. These are currently the resources I have found and are working best for me.

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Shop ‘Til Ya Drop!

Here at Neat Nation we are all about about making life as we know it easier. We have designed some great Printable documents that can help you keep track of your everyday life.
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What’s in store…

Revenge of the Planner Nerds Part 2

I love planners, planning, and keeping my life organized. My last post was ALL about how I found the planner perfect for my lifestyle. Now I want to take time to tell you about what I use to make using my planner more fun and effective. Continue reading